Collaborative projects between the University of Barcelona and Intermon Oxfam

We present a platform to exchange and interact between scientific research and its application in low income countries. The goal of our research is provide safe drinking water to the most vulnerable communities.
The main objective is to asses at scientific level the problems that WASH teams (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) from humanitarian action of Intermon Oxfam face in their interventions of emergency and post-emergency.

The University of Barcelona, as corporation of public right, have attributed, among others, the function of collaborate with public administrations and institutions with the final objective of elaborate, participate and develop plans and actions which contribute to the progress of the science and the development of the society.
The Laboratory of Water and Food Viral Pollution that belongs to the Department of Microbiology of the University of Barcelona, coordinates the scientific investigation in this platform.

Intermon Oxfam, as No Governmental Organization that works into 46 countries around the world, in development, emergencies, fair trade and sensibilization campaigns, have the objective of contributing to change the structural causes that generate and maintain the inequalities. For that reason, have the interest to collaborate with non-benefit institutions with the capacity of perform research studies and analysis of their interventions with the aim to improve the assistance they provide to the most vulnerable communities around the world.

Both institutions collaborate in the development of studies to improve the conditions related to public health in areas with high sanitary risks.